AUTOi appraisals can be completed on iPhones, iPads, iPad Minis, iPod touches and all compatible Android Smartphones and Tablets.

The AUTOi app is downloaded straight out of the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android) store onto existing devices.

The AUTOi appraisal process is the most effective and easy to use system within the market and generates consistent, auditable appraisals every time.

VRM Lookup

By entering the Registration Number of the vehicle to be appraised and completing a VRM lookup significantly improves the speed and accuracy of the appraisal process.

If the vehicle being appraised is registered in the UK then a VRM lookup will bring back the data.

The VRM lookup will bring back up to 9 fields of data from the vehicles make and model to previous owners and date of registration.

Data Entry

Entering and completing required information is quick and easy with the use of tick boxes and drop down menus for entering key information such as service history and MOT expiry to vehicle options and trim types.

Contained within the app there are sections for completing customer information, from name and address to contact numbers and email addresses.

There are also sections within the app to free type customer requirements and anything else that needs to be collected and logged.


Take up to 9 high quality pictures that can capture the smallest signs of wear and tear on the vehicle being appraised.

AUTOi appraisals also allow you to take up to two, 2 minute long high quality videos with audio descriptions.

Videos taken with the AUTOi app can be used to send to your Facebook page or YouTube account.


The AUTOi detail facility is an industry first and allows dealers to mark on damage directly onto the image, producing far more accurate appraisals.

Damage types are selected from a drop down menu and are all colour coded which allows them to be easily identified.

Appraisers place a coloured circle over the damaged area and then expand the circle to highlight the extent of the damage.

Each coloured circle is numbered and the damage type relating to the numbered circle is displayed under the photo.


If you don't have access to a compatible Apple or Android device or you already have all your vehicles imagery you can create an appraisal using our desktop 'Create' appraisal tool.

Everything that can be done in the mobile appraisal apps can be done on the desktop version from adding in customer & vehicle information to photos and videos.

Adding photos and videos is really easy from a desktop PC/Mac, just drag the photo/video from your computer and drop onto the photo/video slots.