The AUTOi dashboard gives you an overview of all your account activity on one page, from any new appraisals that have been sent and require actioning to your selling and buying lists. 

Dashboards can be fully customised and the lists can be freely moved around and set in different places giving you a setup to suit your business needs. Dashboards can be customimed from any device whether you're using a tablet or desktop. 

Cloud Storage

Every appraisal you ever complete and send to your AUTOi online system is permanently stored and never lost.

All appraisals are archived on our servers so you don't need to worry about space on yours.

As all your appraisals are stored on our cloud servers you can access them from anywhere at anytime.

All information related to buying and selling through AUTOi is also permanently stored along with HPI Checks / Valuations and invoice history.



Archived appraisals contain every image, video, audio description and bid history.

All HPI Checks, valuations, spec checks are also permanently stored and never lost.

All auction history is also permanently stored against each appraisal giving you a concise record of how much they've been sold for and to whom. 



With all your dealership's appraisals permanently stored and never lost you can now prospect previously missed opportunities.

Search your archived appraisal for prime used car stock or to restructure deals when the deal failed to materialise first time round.



AUTOi online systems come with an intelligent address book that allows you to create groups of people to mail out your digital appraisals to. 

The AUTOi address book has an import feature to sync all your existing contacts into your AUTOi online system. Just export from your current mail box and import straight into AUTOi.

Used effectively the address book is a great sales tool to allow you to pre sell retailable part exchanges that are due to come in but not physical.


With AUTOi you can send your digital appraisals to any of your contacts for estimates for repair.

Sending digital appraisals complete with pictures, videos and audio descriptions dramatically improves the accuracy of the repair estimate.

Send your digital appraisal to your aftersales departments for advice on parts or to your bodyshop for cosmetic costs.