Bespoke software development

Specialists in complete end to end, multi platform systems for the automotive industry. We develop large scale technical solutions across iOS, Android, Windows and MVC Frameworks.


We began life by creating an industry first iPhone Vehicle Appraisal Application to allow Automotive Dealers to digitally appraisal used cars and part exchanges. Our product was very well received and as a result we invested in expanding the product range to build an iPad specific version and then onto the Android operating system. By covering both Apple and Android OS and catering for Smartphones and Tablets we are able to allow dealers to download and use our apps onto existing devices with out them needing to invest in dedicated software.

On top of our growing list of native applications we began to integrate with Provenance, Valuation ,CRM and DMS providers so that we could remove double entry of data between systems allowing dealers to concentrate on looking after their customers.

During our time building and growing AUTOi we formed close relationships with many other automotive providers, dealers and manufacturers. Our expertise in app and system development where required to build other projects for our partners. These projects were anything from integration with legacy systems to building complete bespoke CRM tools, auctions facilities and used vehicle stock locators. 

Through the success of AUTOi our team has grown and we are in a unique position of being able to complete and undertake complex systems with our in house team. Our skill set allows us to build  bespoke systems for business's both big and small covering full design, mobile development for IOS, Android and Windows and front and backend development based on MVC Framework. Together we build systems that cover all devices and integrate with just about anything.

We are pretty unique in that our team consists of ex dealership staff who understand the automotive industry from the shop floor to management. To complement this we have developers specialised in all areas of mobile and web development and full design services. Having a deep understanding of the automotive industry, combined with incredibly talented programmers and designers means we can deliver digital solutions better and more efficiently.

Technical Expertise

We have extensive experience in delivering large-scale technical solutions for a number of automotive clients. We understand the complexities of integrating with back end systems and have the in house skills to deliver such requirements.

Our team consists of highly skilled designers and developers offering a complete end-to-end solution for the production and deployment of IOS, Android, Windows and MVC Framework systems.

Who we work with

Reasons to work with us

  • Multi Platform Development
  • Only In-House Developers
  • Huge Re-Usable Codebase
  • Flexible and Interactive Process
  • Free CMS
  • Experienced app developers
  • Delivered solutions to OEMs, Dealers and other providers
  • Previous development of E-Commerce, Auction Software and Used Car Locators
  • Full server and hosting solutions
  • Integration with Dealer/Manufacturer Websites, Re-Marketing Portals, Data Providers, CRM and DMS
  • Guided Systems and Applications
  • Specialists in the Automotive Sector

System Development Process

Past Projects / Case Studies

  • Pre Auction Vehicle Inspection - Manheim SureCheck

    Manheim were introducing a new industry leading pre-auction vehicle inspection to give buyers peace of mind when buying a car from their auction. In order to help facilitate this, they needed a claims system that would allow customers to make a claim if the car they bought didn’t match the vehicle inspection report.

    The solution needed to be simple to use and guide a customer through the process of making a claim. It had to be multi platform and built to work across smartphones, tablets and desktops. We built the system for iOS, Android and Web so customers would have the option to download a native app to their iOS or Android device or across any platform with the Web app. The applications need to allow the customer to take a variety of photos to support their claim and use a dynamic list of components that were affected.

    The applications also needed to allow for various different user journeys dependent on whether they were a Customer, Repairer or a combination of the 2. The system also needed to allow a Customer to start the process and then a Repairer to confirm the fault and complete the submission.

    All requests were to be sent to a custom built CMS which would talk to an external database to confirm vehicle information and auction location. On completion of a submission the data needed to be pushed from the CMS to a variety of other databases externally hosted. All CMS and applications need to be on a hosted service which we provide and maintain.

    What we built:

    iOS, Android and Web App
    Download Centre
    Automated Branded email notifications
    Sever & Hosting Services
    Customer Communication Templates
    CMS Panel
    Dynamic FAQs
    APIs for external databases
    App Distribution
  • Lead Management Showroom System

    We helped create iSell, PSAs global tablet based, multi source showroom system. The system covers a holistic range of data including new car stock management, vehicle appraisal, new car configurator, finance quotations and lead management. There were two separate elements to this system but both had to work with each other seamlessly.

    The first part involved utilising our skills to build a fully native customer facing application on an iOS platform. It was vital that due to the variable quality of Wi-Fi signal in dealerships that users were able to collect customer information and vehicle data offline. This would then sync and upload when the connection was good as to not disrupt the sales process. We designed the application from the ground up making sure we adhered to individual brand guidelines for both PSA Brands, then programmed it and deployed it to Apple’s Enterprise App Store. We also compiled a number of ad-hoc iOS applications for testing and development on other networks and for use in a number of European countries.

    The second part of the system was to design and build a PC based version where customer and vehicle information could be viewed in real time by management and back office staff. This allowed them to stack deals, quote finance and value part exchanges whilst the sales member was looking after the customer helping to improve the customer experience and showroom process. Part of this process involved pulling in valuations from multiple systems into one and creating unique links for each dealer so that they could use their existing data suppliers within iSell.
  • SMART Insurance Claim App - APSmart Claim

    Working with Autoprotect we created a complete end to end solution which significantly improved the way in which SMART and Tyre Insurance claims were being handled. Traditionally the process involved lots of back and forth between the Consumer and Autoprotect claims advisors to ascertain whether a claim met the criteria and if so schedule in an appointment to complete the repair.

    First we needed to understand how the process worked and armed with the knowledge we began to wireframe out the process from claim submission to authorising the repair. We built applications that allow a consumer to enter in their details and then guide them through the process of submitting a claim. The applications prompts consumers to provide the correct information, take pictures of the damage, select where the damage is and then submit for approval.

    Using a matrix in a back end CMS customers are notified immediately if a claim qualifies. Customers are sent a link to their submission with acceptance or failure reasons. Data is transferred to Autoprotects master system which is then processed for authorised repairs to arrange repair of the Consumers vehicle.

    What we built

    iOS, Android and Web App
    Download Centre
    Decision Matrix
    Server Hosting and Maintenance
    Email template handling
    Custom CMS
    Domain Structure
    App Distribution
  • App to App Integration with Pinewood

    Pinewood already had an existing award winning iPad CRM application (Host +) and needed an appraisal system integrated yet independently hosted. It was important that when building this that data could be shared across applications to remove any double entry and involved no additional login details being entered by the user. We also needed to integrate the backend web based systems in the same simple 1 click login process with no additional user credentials and full syncing of data including valuations from dealers chosen providers.

    The system creation is split into 4 stages which completes the user journey and achieved its goals of removing any double entry and single user sign on for both parts of the process. The steps are listed below along with a video of the process.

    Stage 1 – Launching AUTOi appraisal app from HOST+, without entering additional usernames and passwords and passing in Customer and Vehicle information from HOST+ to AUTOi

    Stage 2 – Once the vehicle appraisal has been completed within AUTOi the user is returned back to HOST+ complete with vehicle appraisal information.

    Stage 3 – When in Pinnacle PC and in the customer record you can click a link that launches the user directly into the vehicle appraisal in AUTOi where the appraisal can be, amongst many other things, viewed, HPI Checked and valued using either CAP, Glass’s or DeltaPoint.

    Stage 4 – With the click of button valuation information is returned from the AUTOi appraisal and displayed in Pinnacle PC keeping all records up to date.