HPI partners with AUTOi to offer Digital Vehicle Appraisals

Monday 2nd September 2013 Posted in Automotive News, hpi, partners

Vehicle information expert HPI has joined forces with AUTOi to combine a range of its market leading data solutions with the industry's first ever digital vehicle appraisal system. The partnership will allow dealerships to appraise, store, provenance check, value and send highly detailed vehicle appraisals anywhere, anytime via smartphones, tablets and PC.

Powered by HPI, the AUTOi system provides a professional, standard approach to appraising vehicles. Entering and completing required information is quick and easy with the use of tick boxes and drop down menus, such as service history, MOT expiry, remaining tax and tyre depth - helping dealers pick up variables that could affect the value.

Dealers can also add to appraisals up to nine pictures and two videos, as well as having the unique opportunity to add damage indicators to images. All this can be sent to dealer websites via 3G or Wi-Fi. And with online access to AUTOi, dealers can retrieve, edit, print and email appraisals, on the move, as well as conducting their HPI Checks, NMR Checks, HPI Spec Checks and CAP/Glass Valuations.

By working together, HPI and AUTOi have created an offering which takes advantage of the mobile technology revolution, as explained by Sebastien Duval, Managing Director of AUTOi: "We surveyed dealers to make sure we fully understood their vehicle appraisal needs. 80% said they use a smartphone or tablet daily, and 90% believed a paperless appraisal system would benefit their business. Furthermore, 95% believed that digital storage of appraisals would be better than paper storage, and 85% believed that watching a video presentation of a part exchange vehicle would be easier to value than looking at a paper description."

The AUTOi app and online solution combines the best of both worlds, fully supported by Cloud storage technology. The result brings dealers the capability to quickly and efficiently capture, store and share vehicle appraisals to maximise profit opportunities. Ian Wilde, Centre Manager at Lexus Chester, is just one of a number of dealers who has already benefited from the new offering, claiming that the web based nature of the system means his team can access its dealership appraisals from anywhere in the world.

Comments Ian: "The ability to input a number of variables to create an appraisal that will build a realistic resale value of a vehicle, share that information across our web marketing platforms and to be able to draw upon that information quickly and easily, all from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet and PC has ultimately streamlined an essential process that has until now, been inefficient."

Adds Daniel Burgess, Managing Director for HPI: "We are working closely with AUTOi to bring dealers a convenient and professional appraisal system, designed to help them improve the accuracy and marketing of their stock. Now dealers can simply download the AUTOi app directly from the Apple App store or Google Play, allowing them to edit, upload and store more accurate vehicle information than ever, in the palm of their hand.

"With instant access to CAP/Glass Valuations and the protection of HPI's market leading vehicle information, the AUTOi app adds credibility to dealer valuations. This technology brings dealers the most professional, transparent and auditable system, to accurately appraise any vehicle, helping them save time and improve the efficiency of their business."



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